Valentine’s Day – Meaningful Gifts Ideas



The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts can be hard to find, especially when you want your gift to express exactly how you feel.

We’ve selected our favorite gifts with meaning for this Valentine’s Day gift guide. Diamond jewelry is always nice, but if there is a sweet meaning behind it – that will make that gift a little more special.

Here are our favorite diamond gifts with meaning that will really show how you feel.

Premium Sterling Silver Oval Diamond Locket – $225

Commemorate your love with a gift that will hold those special moments. Add a small picture inside the locket so she can keep what she cherishes most close to her heart and make this Valentine’s Day gift feel as if it were made just for her. This Sterling Silver Locket can be personalized further with an engraved note on the back.

Valentine's Day Gift Diamond locket

Rose Gold Champagne Diamond Heart Necklace – $777

Flowers and Champagne are the go to Valentine’s Day gift, but this year give it in a different way. Rose Gold and champagne diamonds are the perfect way to give your heart to your special someone. This isn’t your ordinary diamond hearts necklace – this diamond pendant necklace will be cherished forever.

Gifts with meaning diamond pendant necklace

Yellow Gold and Diamond Hummingbird Necklace – $840

A symbol of joy and the playfulness of life, this Hummingbird Necklace by Sydney Evan shares the sweetest sentiment. Remind your loved one to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with a charm full of well wishes and sparkle.

Sydney Evan Hummingbird Diamond Necklace

True Romance Diamond Necklace – $1,400

A center diamond is surrounded by a sparkling halo to create true romance. This is such a beautiful gift to show how much she means to you. She is the center of your world surrounded by your love. A diamond necklace that will keep the romance flowing for the rest of the year.

Valentine's Day Gifts Diamond necklace

Small Gold and Diamond Starburst Stud Earrings – $595

These little studs speak volumes. Let her know that she is constant in your life and the light that guides you home. These diamond studs, shaped like the North Star, are a sweet symbol to show how much she means to you. Let these diamond stud earrings be a constant in her life like she is in yours.

Sydney Evan Diamond Studs

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