Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve selected our favorite diamond jewelry pieces for you to show your love this year, with your Valentine’s Day Gift.

Diamonds are a girls best friend! You can’t go wrong giving a diamond gift to that special someone in your life and Sydney Evan has some of the most beautiful diamond jewelry in her Love Collection.

The Sydney Evan Love Ring is a celebrity favorite, but there are so many other love pieces to cherish. From diamond hearts, diamond pendant necklaces and diamond script jewelry – these diamond gifts are sure to show exactly how your feel.


Here are our top 14 Gifts that say “I Love You”.


1. Love Diamond Stud Earrings – $840

Sydney Evan Love Diamond Studs

2. Small Pink Sapphire Love Necklace – $795

Sydney Evan Love Necklace

3. Small Diamond Love Pendant Necklace – $840

Sydney Evan Diamond Pendant Necklace

4.  Ruby Lips Ring – $795

Sydney Evan Ruby Lips Ring

5. XO Diamond Stud Earrings – $620

Sydney Evan Diamond Studs

6. Large Diamond Love Necklace – $1,610

Sydney Evan Diamond Script Jewelry

7. Heart and Key Necklace – $750

Sydney Evan Diamond Hearts Necklace

8. Diamond Love Ring – $860

Sydney Evan Love Ring

9. Diamond XO Necklace – $640

Sydney Evan XO Necklace Valentine day necklace for her

10. Pure Love Necklace – $749

Sydney Evan Script Jewelry

11. Hope Faith Love Necklace – $2,835

Sydney Evan Diamond Valentines Day Jewelry

12. Pyramid Heart Necklace – $1,585

Sydney Evan Pyramid Diamond hearts

13. Small Diamond Love Necklace – $840

Sydney Evan small diamond love necklace

14. Amour Necklace – $1,145

Sydney Evan Gold Diamond Script Jewelry

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