Thomas Laine Showroom: A Look Behind the Curtain…

thomaslainejewelryshowroom1As we all fight against the never ending snow in NYC, Thomas Laine is creating a warm and cozy atmosphere full of glitz and glamour.

We are hard at work in the showroom adding new jewelry to displays and finding inspiration for new designs. The walls are covered with our muses, from Princess Grace to Sophia Loren, which keep us inspired to create beautiful things.

If you are in the New York area and haven’t had the opportunity to visit the showroom, stop by and see us.


Style Icons & Magazines for Bridal Inspiration



More of our muses



Beautiful displays



Creating ambiance with a crystal chandelier



Antique “all-purpose” desk



Jewelry bits and pieces



Fine Jewelry displays



Take a seat while we show you something spectacular


Visit the Thomas Laine Showroom at 915 Broadway, Suite 903, NYC.

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