The Diamond’s Sparkling Alternatives


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The Diamond’s Sparkling Alternatives

Everyone knows that diamonds are “a girl’s best friend”, and all of the attention and praise that they receive for their great beauty and exquisite sparkle is certainly justified. But there are plenty of other gorgeous colorless gemstones that deserve your attention (and a place in your jewelry box) too. Whether they are being used as accent stones or a jewel’s primary gemstone, rock crystals, white topazes, and white sapphires all bring a lot of rich sparkle and adorn some of the most beautiful pieces we have to offer at Thomas Laine.

Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is a variety a quartz that, when faceted, gives off a beautiful shine. Here are some stunning sterling silver jewels from Monica Rich Kosann and Thomas Laine Confetti that feature this pretty gem.


SONY DSC Monica Rich Kosann

Sterling Silver Rock Crystal Locket Necklace


SONY DSC Monica Rich Kosann

Sterling Silver Single Row Rock Crystal Braclet


70550003 Thomas Laine Confetti

Sterling Silver Rock Crystal Double Drop Confetti Earring

White Topaz

Topaz occurs in many different colors, but its colorless variety is often used in jewelry to great effect, especially when paired with white sapphires as accent stones. The jewels from Suzanne Kalan and Thomas Laine Pearls demonstrate their beauty and versatility.


40170029 Suzanne Kalan

White Gold Round White Topaz and White Sapphire Starburst Necklace


40170044 Suzanne Kalan

White Gold White Topaz and White Sapphire Filigree Drop Earrings


70510033 Thomas Laine Pearls

Sterling Silver White Topaz Teardrop and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

White Sapphires

Because of sapphires’ extreme hardness, the facet edges on white sapphires are very precise, lending them an almost diamond-like sparkle. This White Sapphire Cluster Necklace from Suzanne Kalan, for example, gives you the look of a diamond solitaire pendant for a fraction of the price.


SONY DSC Suzanne Kalan

Floating White Sapphire Starburst Mini Circle Necklace


SONY DSC Suzanne Kalan

White Gold Thick Baby Hoop and White Sapphire Earrings


SONY DSC Suzanne Kalan

White Sapphire Cluster Necklace

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