Summer Weddings in the Country, Kate Moss Style


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Summer Weddings in the Country, Kate Moss Style

After our recent look at Caroline Sieber’s Vienna wedding, it’s time to give similar attention to another fashionista’s fabulous summer nuptials. This week we are putting our lens on everyone’s favorite supermodel turned super mogul, Kate Moss.

Moss took a very different tack than Sieber, as her wedding to musician Jamie Hince took place not in a city setting but in the idyllic English countryside. Her dress? Custom Galliano.

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The wedding, which had a 1920s theme, boasted even more star power than Sieber’s with Christian Louboutin, Naomi Campbell, and Paul McCartney among the guests. Here are a few of our observations, inspired by Moss’ big day, on how to make a country wedding chic and charming.

Take advantage of your surroundings: When gorgeous countryside is your backdrop, very little styling and formality is necessary. Use what nature provides. Moss’ photographs are loose and naturalistic, and therefore in perfect harmony with the environment.


Use space to your advantage: In a city wedding, space is usually limited and transportation can be challenging. In the countryside, limitations of this kind don’t exist, so you can really play with these aspects of setting and styling. Moss had teepees for guests’ children to play in and a fleet of chauffeured cars waiting to ferry her guests from location to location.

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Make sure your wedding is weather-proof, with style: No one wants a soggy wedding, so if festivities are taking place outdoors, wedding tents are a necessity. But take a cue from Kate and Jamie’s big day and treat your tents as a blank slate on which to showcase personality and luxurious details. Check out the genuine 1920s-era chandeliers and etched crystal glassware in their set-up. And that’s not to mention the champagne tower…

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