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Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry — Trend Watch

When it comes to layering jewelry, many people think that mixing sterling silver or white gold with yellow or rose gold pieces is a faux pas — that metals should only ever be worn with like metals. Now, needless to say, the manner in which one wears their jewelry is a deeply personal matter, but we think that mixing metals can be an incredibly modern and stylish way to wear jewelry.

Feel like mixing it up? Here is a selection of Thomas Laine jewels in contrasting metals. How do you like to layer?


70570001 Thomas Laine Memento

Sterling Silver Oval Diamond Locket


40170033 Suzanne Kalan

Yellow Gold White Sapphire Filigree Mini Cross Necklace



SONY DSC Janis Savitt

Gold Steel Crystal Bracelet



Mono Deco Bracelet


70570015 Thomas Laine Memento

Two Tone Diamond Spin Locket


40180011 Shy by Sydney Evan

Shy Elephant Necklace Yellow Gold


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