Lockets – Capture a Moment, Tell a Story


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Lockets – Capture a Moment, Tell a Story

We are delighted to introduce our latest addition to the suite of Thomas Laine in-house collections, Memento.

In creating this collection, our inspiration came from the following question: In the world of jewelry, what is the most timeless way to immortalize our happiest and most cherished moments in life? The answer was clear; lockets.

The history of lockets goes back centuries into periods that preceded the invention of the photographic camera or even its precursor, the daguerreotype. At that time, lockets would contain a hand-painted image of a loved one, a lock of hair, or some other type of sentimental keepsake. By the advent of the Victorian era, lockets had become so wildly popular that no stylish lady was to be without one, and it was during this period that the heart-shaped locket emerged and became a symbol of romantic affection between two people.

To this day, lockets are a beloved style of jewelry and present the perfect way to celebrate life’s red-letter moments. Lockets are a wonderful sentimental jewelry gift because they are always appropriate, whether exchanged between mother and son, grandchild and grandparent, or between dear friends.

The Memento Collection also features an accompanying selection of sterling silver and gold filled bangles. Many of them feature hand engraving and hinge closures in a style that was also incredibly popular during the Victorian era and into the middle of the 20th century.

Here is a selection of Memento lockets, and you can explore the rest of the collection here.


70570001 Sterling Silver Oval Diamond Locket

70570014 Mini Gold Heart Diamond Locket

70570008 Gold Antique Style Oval Locket

70570007 Sterling Silver Embossed Spin Locket

70570005 Silver Round Diamond Locket

70570004 Gold Round Diamond Locket

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