Jazz Age Glamour — Ben Amun’s Gatsby-inspired Jewels at Thomas Laine


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Jazz Age Glamour — Ben Amun’s Gatsby-inspired Jewels at Thomas Laine


The 1920s and 30s were an incredibly vibrant time in the worlds of fashion, art, and design. The period after the First World War was a relatively prosperous one in the United States and many of the long-existing mores regarding how women should dress and act were changing dramatically. Women got the vote in 1920 and were entering the workforce in large numbers, and with this social revolution came a newly free approach to dress and recreation. Drop-waisted dresses that showed the legs and ankles, short haircuts, cloche hats, modern dances like the Charleston; all of these new and unprecedented trends emerged and swept society during this era.

It was also a particularly spectacular time for jewelry, and many jewelry admirers and historians still regard the Art Deco period as somewhat of a pinnacle in terms of style and innovation. There was a move toward bold, graphic, geometric shapes and patterns — a nod to the modern machine age in which they were living — and also an unabashed fascination with Eastern cultures and exoticism. The wealthiest women were dripping in bold diamond and platinum jewels while sipping their gin gimlets and dancing the night away.

One simply cannot muse upon decadent 1920s style without referencing The Great Gatsby, and Baz Luhrmann’s recent film showcases some incredible Jazz Age style jewels. The character of Daisy Buchanan wears gorgeous 1920s style gowns paired with extravagant jewels that one would expect to see on an upper class woman at the time. Designer Ben Amun was so inspired by the recent revival of interest in Jazz Age style jewelry due to the film that he created an extraordinary collection of Great Gatsby style jewels in his Manhattan workshop. The results are absolutely divine and we are delighted to offer the collection to our Thomas Laine clients.


30070224 Ben Amun

Gatsby Crystal Hair Band


30070229 Ben Amun

1920s Style Cleo Crystal Drop Earrings


30070234 Ben Amun

Daisy Pearl and Crystal Bracelet


30070233 Ben Amun

Gatsby Pearl and Crystal Bracelet


30070226 Ben Amun 1920s Pearl and Crystal Elongated Drop Earrings

30070223 Ben Amun

1920s Style Pearl and Crystal Hair Band

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