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When actress Ellen Barkin and Revlon chairman Ron Perelman divorced in 2006, it was an unpleasant and acrimonious affair. Perelman surprised Barkin with divorce papers and then had security guards watch her as she removed her belongings from the couple’s townhouse. Barkin is a true jewelry lover and connoisseur, and she received many extravagant jewels as gifts from Perelman during their seven year relationship, but the bitterness of their separation left her with a desire to get rid of most of the pieces she received from her ex-husband. In October 2006, an auction was held at Christie‚Äôs in Rockefeller Center in which over a hundred of Barkin’s jewels were sold. Among them were several pieces made by JAR — a Paris-based American jeweler who is known for his exclusivity and selectiveness when choosing clients. The auction fetched 20,369,200 USD and made Barkin a heroine in the eyes of many women.

Barkin’s collection truly reflected the fact that she is a sophisticated and discerning jewelry lover. Here are some of the highlights from the auction paired with Thomas Laine pieces to help you get the look.


d4785929r An Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Pin

30070185 Ben Amun

Crystal Sapphire Hair Barrette


d4785960r A Pair of Art Deco Diamond Ear Pendants

30070213 Ben Amun

Gatsby Chandelier Earrings


d4786022r A Pair of Topaz, Ruby, And Diamond Ear Pendants by JAR

40170043 Suzanne Kalan

Rose Gold Sunset Trio Filigree Drop Earrings


d4786026r A Pair of Pearl and Diamond Ear Pendants by JAR

30070226 Ben Amun

1920s Pearl and Crystal Elongated Drop Earrings


d4785957r A Single-Strand South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace

70010001 Thomas Laine Pearls

Strand of Fresh Water Pearls


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