Colorful Earrings: Spring Is Finally Here!


Spring is approaching and it is time to add some color to your look with a stunning colorful earring!

See our colorful earring trends and press features for helpful hints.

Whether you are adding a pop of color to your everyday look or a coordinating earring to match your bridesmaids’ gowns, we have the perfect color palette in a variety of earring styles.

The Knot Magazine Spring 2015 Issue highlighted teal as a standout color. The Metropolis Small Drop Earring with Amazonite was featured with their yellow gold plating and cool teal hue. This vibrant pop of color would be the perfect complement to bridesmaids gowns in a similar shade or as an accent to a navy blue dress.

The Knot Spring 2015 - Colorful Earrings

The Metropolis Small Drop Earrings by Elizabeth and James have been one of our most popular looks. Teal has been the most coveted color with the Metropolis Small Drop Earring with Lapis being a close second.

Elizabeth and James Metropolis Small Drop Earring with Lapis

For spring we are loving soft shades of blue and lavender, as well as an updated version of the classic black and white.

We have collaborated with Isaac Manevitz, the creative genius behind Ben-Amun to create an exclusive collection of colorful earrings. We have included a range of best selling styles from chandelier earrings to stud earrings.

These Vintage Teardrop Earrings in a variety of shades can be the perfect look for your bridesmaids. The antique silver allows the soft tones to standout – and the elegant teardrop design makes these earrings wearable for many occasions.

Ben- Amun Vintage Teardrop Colorful Earrings

Adding a little more drama and length, the Vintage Teardrop Chandelier Earrings make more of a statement. Available in all four shades, these chandelier earrings add a little movement and whimsy to any look for bridal or a fun night out on the town. These are the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts. Give your girls an earring they can wear again and again.

Ben-Amun Vintage Teardrop Chandelier Colorful Earrings

For a colorful take on the hot earring trend of the season – cluster earrings, try the Colorful Glamour Stud Earrings featured here in a Grey Smoke, our updated version of classic black. These earrings would work well with a black and white themed ensemble and a polished up-do.


The Petite Colored Chandelier Earrings are one of our most adored styles and they look beautiful in all of the crystal colors. These earrings can add a little something special to a night out or be the perfect finishing touch for your girls on the wedding day.

Ben-Amun Petite Chandelier Colorful Earrings

Mix and match these styles in the same color for your bridesmaids to give them each an earring that fits their own personal look.

Adding a splash of color to your spring wardrobe with one of these colorful earrings is an easy way to brighten up your spring style.



Shop our entire collection of colorful earrings to add a little bit of Spring to your look at Thomas Laine.