Bridesmaid Gifts: The Thomas Laine Collection


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Bridesmaid Gifts: The Thomas Laine Collection

Shopping for bridesmaid gifts isn’t always a straightforward affair. Whether you have two maids or ten, you want to find gifts that the girls will cherish and truly enjoy, not something that is simply a gesture or token of gratitude.

Two factor

s tend to make this tricky:

1) All of your girls have different styles, personalities, and preferences, yet there needs to be some kind of continuity between all of the gifts given.

2) You’re working within a budget. When you’re buying in multiples, the numbers really add up.

With all of these issues in mind, we took it upon ourselves to streamline and enhance the bridesmaid gift buying process. We created a collection of jewels specifically ensuring that many different styles were represented. For the classic, wear-forever choice? We have simple pearl studs starting at $30.00. Looking for something colorful? Our “Confetti” collection earrings come in three signature styles, two metal options, and nine different gemstones. The earrings range in price from $79.00 to $99.00.

We kept the collection’s price point below $150.00, with a lot of the pieces falling well below the hundred dollar mark.

And finally, we’re sweetening the deal for those who have quite a number of bridesmaids to shop for:

If you buy three bridesmaid gifts, you will receive a 15% discount.

If you buy four or more bridesmaid gifts, you will receive a 20% discount.

Get Personal

Shy by Sydney Evan Elephant Necklace Yellow Gold


40180010 Shy by Sydney Evan Hamsa Necklace White Gold


40180002 Shy by Sydney Evan Love Necklace Rose Gold


Cool and Colorful

70550045 Thomas Laine Confetti

Vermeil Silver Ruby Trio Drop Confetti Earring


70550013 Thomas Laine Confetti

Sterling Silver Amethyst Teardrop Confetti Earring


70550010 Thomas Laine Confetti

Vermeil Carnelian Double Drop Confetti Earring


Keep it Classic

SONY DSC Kenneth Jay Lane

Pearl Stud Earring


70510030 Thomas Laine Pearls

Freshwater Pearl Bracelet


70510032 Thomas Laine Pearls

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Pendant




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