Bridal Jewelry for a Strapless Gown

The perfect bridal jewelry for strapless wedding gowns.

As a bride, finding the perfect accessories to complement your gown and not overpower it is very important.

Your wedding gown is the main element of your wedding day look and you want your bridal accessories to enhance complement your gown. The perfect jewelry selection will add to your gown and not out-shine it.

A strapless gown lends itself to an array of jewelry options, the neckline offers a blank canvas to add some sparkle on the ear or around your neck.

Here are some tips on how to best accessorize a strapless gown and some of our favorite pieces to wear on your wedding day.

Wear a Statement Making Necklace

Your strapless wedding dress has given your an opportunity to add some stunning wedding accessories. With an open and clean neckline, you do not have to worry about your accessories competing with your gown.

Take this opportunity to wear a gorgeous statement necklace to fill that blank space on your neck and add some glamour and sparkle.

Remember, if your are going for a large or detailed necklace, pair it with smaller earrings like some sparkling studs or delicate drops. Balance is key!

Here are some of our favorite bridal necklaces to accessorize that strapless gown:

CZ Statement bridal necklace

pearl statement necklace bridal jewelry

bridal statement necklace



Try Bridal Earrings that Catch the Eye

Another way to accessorize your strapless gown is with a great pair of earrings.

For wedding gowns with sleeves, halters or high necklines, you must be cautious of the length or your earrings. If your earrings are too long or too ornate, they may interfere with you gown and become distracting.

However, with a strapless gown you have the freedom to go as large or as blingy as you want. Again, we are working with a lot of blank space around your neckline so adding sparkle with draw attention to your face.

If you are going to go for some long drop earrings, chandelier earrings or some ornate statement earrings, do skip the necklace.  Your wedding jewelry shouldn’t compete against each other for the spotlight.

Here are some of our favorite bridal earrings to pair with your strapless gown:

bridal statement earrings

pearl tassel drop earrings

crystal bridal earrings




Always aim for the perfect balance. If you want to wear a statement necklace, then go for smaller earrings that complement the necklace but that do not compete with it for attention.

If you have your eyes set on some statement earrings, let these be your main bridal jewelry accessory.  Either skip the necklace all together or go for something very small and delicate like a simple pendant.

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