Bridal Jewelry Tips: How to Achieve a “Real” Look from Costume Jewelry


Your bridal jewelry is a very important part of your bridal look; it completes your wedding ensamble and should compliment your wedding gown.

We know that it can be tricky to find the the right bridal jewelry that doesn’t cost a fortune but looks like a million bucks.

Here are our 4 tips to get that “real” look from costume jewelry:

1. Crystal Size is a factor.

  • Larger crystals are generally going to look more costume i.e. fake.
  • If you want to find pieces that look and feel more like fine jewelry, consider jewelry that is made up of smaller crystals like small rounds or marquise. They will still get a lot of sparkle but the smaller size will feel more realistic in scale.

2. Remember less is more so scale down. 

  • Massive earrings and huge statement necklaces are fab, but if you want to achieve a faux fine jewelry look the size and proportion is key.
  • A good question to ask is –  “If this were real diamonds, how much would it cost?”

3. Consider pieces with Cubic Zirconia.

  • CZs are cut like diamonds and have many of the same qualities, so when used in bridal jewelry the designs can take on many of the same qualities as fine jewelry.
  • Unlike a crystal, CZs do not have a foil backing so they can be set in jewelry with an open back allowing light through.

4. Metal color is key! 

  • Look for darker silver finishes.
  • Sometimes Rhodium plated metals can be very light and can make a crystal look like glass.
  • Darker metals create a good contrast against sparkling crystals.
  • Consider pieces with an antique finish or with more of a grey tone to the metal.


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