Bridal Jewelry Tips: Bridal Necklace Dos & Don’ts

Your wedding dress is the star of the show, however your bridal jewelry adds the final finishing touches to your wedding day look. Finding jewelry that compliments your wedding gown is key – choosing the right pieces for your bridal style is essential.

Necklaces can be a bit more difficult because not every wedding dress needs a necklace – even if you really want to wear one!

Here’s an easy guide to the “Dos” and “Don’ts” when it comes to wearing a bridal necklace to ensure that it will complete not compete with your wedding dress.



1. Is your wedding dress strapless or sweetheart?

Strapless gowns are generally the ideal style for bridal necklaces. You have an open neckline that is almost calling for sparkle. But let your dress dictate what type of necklace you decide to wear.

If there is beading or crystal details on your wedding gown already, go for a more classic bridal necklace.

kelly faetanini bridal gown Thomas Laine Jewelry - Rita Garland Necklace

Kelly Faetanini Maci


2. Is your bridal gown classic satin with very little embellishments?

If you are wearing a simpler dress with little to no embellishments, this is your opportunity to go a bit over the top with your bridal jewelry.

Try a big statement necklace to add some drama to your bridal ensemble.


3. Do you prefer to wear studs or small cluster earrings?

Choosing bridal jewelry is all about balance – If you are going for smaller bridal earrings on your wedding day, like classic crystal studs or small clusters then play up the glamour with a sparkling necklace.

Ben-Amun Bridal Romance Round Stud Earrings  Ben-Amun Bridal Bridal Marquise Crystal Swirl Necklace


4. Are you wearing a V-neck style wedding gown?

A V-Neck style gown almost begs for a little sparkle around the neck. Go for a classic pendant on a delicate chain or up the drama with a crystal choker.





1. Does your wedding gown have sleeves or an illusion neckline?

Don’t over complicate your bridal look with extra bells and whistles. Sleeves or illusion necklines with pretty details will already bring the focus upwards to your face, let your wedding gown take center stage and don’t distract with a necklace.

Kelly Faetanini Sena wedding gown

Kelly Faetanini Sena


2. Does your gown have a lot of intricate beading or details?

Do not fall into sparkle overload here. If your gown has a lot of beading or intricate lace with sparkle details, just skip the necklace.

Go for a great pair of earrings instead and a delicate bracelet.


3. Are you wearing a halter top gown?

Halter top gowns can be tricky, especially if they have a deep V in the front because you feel the need to fill that open area.

Wearing a necklace with a halter style gown can become busy because there is already fabric around your neck. So just wear some fabulous earrings with a little length to visually fill that empty space.


4. Have you already chosen to wear a pair of statement earrings?

We always ask our brides to choose their earrings first before looking at necklace or bracelet options. If you are wearing a big sparkly statement earring then you should probably skip the necklace.

There is such a thing as too much sparkle and on your wedding day it is all about balance. Each piece of jewelry should complement the other and together they should accent your dress and not overpower it.

Ben-Amun Bridal Teardrop Crystal Chandelier Earring


Don’t compromise your personal style. Don’t let trends dictate your bridal look, you want your wedding pictures to stand the test of time and look back at them years later and still feel flawless. Let your wedding jewelry reflect who you are as a bride.

For more tips on finding the perfect bridal jewelry to fit your wedding style check How to Find Sparkle to Suit Your Bridal Style.

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