Bridal Earrings – Trends and Press Features



Bridal season is approaching and the most important jewelry accessory for every bride is her bridal earrings.

Thomas Laine was featured in The Knot Magazine Spring 2015 issue – and we saw some gorgeous trends for the perfect wedding day earrings.

Statement Earrings are the perfect show-stoppers especially if you plan on skipping the necklace. You can really ramp up your bridal glamour with some statement making earrings.

The Knot featured the Belle Epoque Pearl Tassel Earrings – which we love as a Statement Earring will vintage appeal.

The Knot Magazine Spring 2015

Here are some of our favorite Statement Earrings for the bride who really wants to stand out.


It’s all in the details – the Waterfall Chandelier and Crystal Garland Drop Earrings have the most intricate and unique design. The marquise shape crystals really sparkle.


Ben-Amun Bridal Earrings Waterfall Chandelier Earring


Ben-Amun Bridal Earrings 30070163 Bridal Crystal Garland Drop Earring


More of the classic chandelier design – the Teardrop Crystal Chandelier and Pink Duchess of Fabulous are both simple Fab!


Ben-Amun Bridal Earrings 30070112 Teardrop Crystal Chandelier Earring


Erickson Beamon Statement Earrings 30010047 Pink Duchess of Fabulous Earrings


For a little Art-Deco inspiration, these Crystal Deco Earrings are sure to turn heads.


Ben-Amun Wedding Earrings 30070253 Crystal Deco Bridal Earrings


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