8 Great Sparkly Hair Accessories for Any Special Occasion


Whether you are a bride, preparing for your big day or a guest, heading to a black tie affair – you can’t go wrong with a final touch of sparkle.

Adding a little (or a lot) of bling to your hair can really create a statement and finish off your ensemble.

Especially as a bride, once you remove your veil, a sparkling hair comb or pin can keep you feeling special in your bridal moment.

If you want to experience that “princess moment” with a glitzy headband or add just a glimmer of sparkle to your LBD with some pretty hair pins, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 8 great sparkly hair accessories that will amp up the glam for any special occasion.


1. Vina Dramatic Pearl and Crystal Floral Headband, $98 – Nina Shoes

Vina Dramatic Pearl and Crystal Floral Headband


2. Roaring Twenties Crystal Hair Pin, $85 – Ben-Amun

Roaring Twenties Crystal Hair Pin


3. Bridal Crystal Floral Comb, $207 – Thomas Laine

Bridal Crystal Floral Comb


4. Carmel Clip on Flower with Freshwater Pearl, $150 – Nina Shoes

Carmel Clip on Flower with Freshwater Pearl


5. Crystal Deco Swirl Hair Comb, $195 – Ben-Amun

Crystal Deco Swirl Hair Comb


6. Rita Garland Burst Hairpin, $115 or Rita Garland Pearl Burst Hairpin, $100 – Thomas Laine

Rita Garland Burst Hairpin Rita Garland Pearl Burst Hairpin








7. Bridal Bow Hair-clip, $155 – Ben-Amun

Bridal Bow Hair-clip


8. Ivy Floral Crystal Element Hairpiece, $169 – Nina Shoes

Ivy Floral Crystal Element Hairpiece


Pro tip: When choosing a hair accessory, try to coordinate it with your other wedding accessories.

Look for similar stone shapes. metal color and overall aesthetic – if your going for vintage inspired earring choose a hair accessory with that same theme.

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