7 Easy Bridal Jewelry Tips



There are a lot of things on the brides list that can cause some stress, but finding the perfect jewelry shouldn’t be one of them.

Here are some easy bridal jewelry tips to help you choose the perfect finishing touches for your wedding day.

1. Your jewelry should always complement your gown.

  • A beautiful necklace and earring set will complement a sweetheart neckline, but a gown with a beaded illlusion neckline probably doesn’t need a necklace.
2. Bridal earrings are a must have accessory.
  • Depending on your gown, you may not need a necklace or bracelet but earrings are the one piece of bridal jewelry that you shouldn’t go without.

3. Finding the right balance of jewelry that doesn’t overpower your look is key.

  • If you go large on bridal earrings – skip the necklace and go for a statement bracelet.

4. Your bridal hair accessories should not compete with your bridal earrings.

  • Go large and ornate on one or the other.

5. Your Bridesmaid’s jewelry should complement your bridal jewelry choices.

  • Look for pieces for your bridesmaids that have the same stone shapes or similar design elements.

6. We recommend delicate and simple jewelry sets or a mid-size earring for bridesmaids.

  • Your bridesmaids jewelry should not compete with your bridal jewelry.

7. Coordinate the flower girl’s accessories with the rest of the bridal party.

  • Try a a delicate hair piece or age appropriate jewelry to complete the bridal party jewelry look.


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