6 Tips on How to Care for Pearls


Pearls, which are naturally beautiful, were among the first gems to be used by ancient cultures as treasures and ornaments.

The iconic pearl has enjoyed a coveted position in women’s jewelry collections throughout the centuries, from the early royals through to the modern day woman.

Pearls range in shape, size and price – which we will explore more in a future post.

Here are 6 Tips on how to care for pearls, both Natural and Cultured:

1. A pearl is a delicate natural substance that must be kept free from dirt and chemicals such as perfume and hair spray.

Be very careful not to spray any perfume directly on pearls. Your jewelry is the finishing touch, put it on last.


2. Perspiration has a damaging effect on pearls.

On hot, sticky days leave that pearl necklace at home. But if you can’t go without that pearl strand, be sure to wipe them off before placing them back in your jewelry box.


3. In order to protect your pearls from discoloration and deterioration, wipe them frequently with a damp clean cloth.


4. Never clean pearls with harsh detergent or jewelry cleaner.

A small drop of mild detergent in warm water works best. Dip a soft cloth in this mixture and gently wipe down your pearls.


5. If worn regularly, have pearl strands cleaned and restrung annually.

Remember the thread is subject to stretching and fraying and might break.


6. Always store pearls in a soft pouch or in a separate compartment of your jewelry box to avoid scratching.

Well cared for pearls should become a family heirloom. With proper care, your pearl pieces should last many years to come. Effortless, luxurious and timeless, a great set of pearls will always be in style.

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