5 Tips on How to Care for Your Engagement Ring


A lot of time and care has gone into your engagement ring; selecting the right stone, the perfect setting and a memorable time to say “I do”.

Your engagement ring is an investment piece that represents your love and it will become like it is just a natural part of your hand.

With all the daily tasks that you do, your engagement ring is prone to scratches, dings and dirty build up. It is important that you practice proper ring care to keep it sparkling so that it’s shine does not dull prematurely.

Here are our Top 5 Tips to care for your engagement ring.

1. Get Insurance

Sooner rather then later, get that ring appraised and insured! We recommend insuring for a replacement stone value rather than dollar value of the ring when it was purchased. If tragedy strikes and your ring is lost or stolen, you want to be able to replace it for a new ring of equal value.

Obviously, your original engagement ring will hold sentimental value, but with insurance at least all is not lost.

2. Annual Check-ups

At least once a year you should take your ring to your jewelry professional and have it checked for loose stones, strained settings or any possible compromise to the integrity of the ring.

This regular jewelry care will help you stay on top of normal wear and tear and avoid loosing a loose diamond or damaging the settings.

Prongs can be restored and stones can be reset before they are lost forever.

3. Skip the Gym

Take your engagement ring off and store it somewhere safe while working out. Persiparation will create a dull build up on your ring.

More importantly, should your ring get a bang while doing any physical activity you can compromise the prong settings and loosen the stones.

Here, prevention is key! Save yourself the risk and keep your ring safe.

4. Keep it Clean

Always remove your ring when you are washing your hands, applying moisturizer, sunscreen or hair care products.

All of that cream and oil will only build up on your ring and around the setting dulling the shine of the metal and sparkle of the stone.

When in a rush, a quick way to keep your ring clean is with a alcohol wipe. You can keep these in your bag as an easy way to get off any build up.

You can also use a soft cloth to polish it and remove any oils that have built up.

On an annual basis, take your ring to be professionally cleaned in an ultrasonic machine to remove and trapped debris.

5. Keep it Safe

Some metals are softer than others and are more susceptible to scratches and wear when in contact with other jewelry or hard objects. So whenever you are not wearing your ring, store it in a soft fabric jewelry bag or fabric lined jewelry box before putting it away with your other jewelry pieces.

This will help to prevent any scuffs or dings from contact with other jewelry. Keep a jewelry bag in your purse or gym bag and slip your ring in it whenever you are not wearing it.

Don’t just drop it into the bottom of your purse for it to get scratched by everything that is in there.

And if your ring has a designated home when you are not wearing it, like a jewelry box or jewelry bag, it is less likely to get lost when you are not wearing it.

Pro tip: If your engagement ring has small diamonds all around the band, be extra careful when carrying heavy items, like bags or weights. Those stones at the bottom of the band can come lose from the pressure of gripping or impact of a heavy item.

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