4 Wedding Trends to Skip in 2016

Bridal Trends to Avoid


Trends come and go, but your wedding photos are forever.

You want your wedding to be timeless and elegant and a reflection of who you are and your personal style. Your wedding is not the time to try out the new trend of the moment.

When you look back on your wedding album, you don’t want to every ask yourself “what were your thinking?” Authenticity is key – stay true to yourself and don’t over complicate things.

Here are some wedding ideas and trends that we would skip.

1. DIY Decor

Not everyone is a craft genius and everything that you’ve seen on Pinterest may not be as easy to execute as you might have thought.

Some wedding details should be left to the professionals – like your lighting or tablescapes. You want your wedding to look polished and elegant, so unless your are great with your hands AND have tons of free time skip the DIY projects and leave your centerpieces to the pros.

2. Over Accessorizing

As a bride there are so many ways to add on to your wedding day look with your shoes, veil, hair accessories and bridal jewelry. Make sure that your wedding accessories are thoughtful and purposeful and not competing with each other for center stage. You may not need a sparkly belt, huge chandelier earrings, a statement necklace and a blinged out cuff.

Your dress is the main focus of your bridal look and all of your other accessories are meant to complement it.

3. Themes of the moment

Your wedding inspiration should be focused on something that is timeless and reflects who you are as a couple. If the roaring 20s aren’t an era that you genuinely enjoy – maybe avoid a Gatsby/Art Deco themed wedding.

Your wedding style should be authentic to you! When you look back at your photos 5-10 years from now, you still want to love your wedding and see your own personality reflected in it.

4. Flower Crowns

This wedding day look is for a very specific type of bride and doesn’t work for everyone. If you are a boho chic, care free, weddings on the beach type of girl then the flower grown may be right in your wheel house.

But for wedding trends, this look can be very limiting. In warmer climates those flowers are going to start to wilt and you probably wouldn’t wear .

When choosing your bridal hair accessories, think of pieces that aren’t going to date your photos or make you cringe at a passing trend.



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